AC Adapter AD-E95100

AC Adapter AD-E95100
AC Adapter AD-E95100


Product Description:

Released: September 2015

AC Adapter for Musical Instruments.

Works with the following models:
CTK-240, CTK-245, CTK-1100, CTK-1150, CTK-1200, CTK-2080, CTK-2090, CTK-2300, CTK-2400, CTK-3200, CTK-4200, CTK-4400, LK-120, LK-125, LK-160, LK-165, LK-170, LK-175, LK-240, LK-260, LK-280, SA-46, SA-47, SA-76, SA-77, SA-78, WK-220, WK-225, WK-240, WK-245, XW-G1, XW-P1, XW-P1GD, XW-P1CO

It is a successor model of AD-E95100.