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Accessory EXCASE12-BK

Accessory EXCASE12-BK
Exilim Digital Camera Case - Black

  • Accessory EXCASE12-BK
Ships within 1 business day

Product Description:

Released: December 2009

Black microfiber case with magnetic snap closure.

Works with the following models:
EX-FC100BK, EX-FC100WE, EX-FC150BK, EX-FC150RD, EX-FS10BE, EX-FS10GY, EX-FS10RD, EX-S10BE, EX-S10BK, EX-S10RD, EX-S10SR, EX-S12BK, EX-S12GN, EX-S12PK, EX-S12SR, EX-S5BE, EX-S5BK, EX-S5PE, EX-S5PK, EX-S5SR, EX-S6BE, EX-S6BK, EX-S6PE, EX-S6PK, EX-S6SR, EX-S7BK, EX-S7PE, EX-S880BK, EX-S880RD, EX-S8BE, EX-S8BK, EX-S8PE, EX-S8PK, EX-S8SR, EX-Z100BE, EX-Z100BN, EX-Z100PK, EX-Z100SR, EX-Z1200BK, EX-Z1200SR, EX-Z150BK, EX-Z150GN, EX-Z150PK, EX-Z150RD, EX-Z150SR, EX-Z2000BK, EX-Z2000PK, EX-Z2000RD, EX-Z2000SR, EX-Z2000VT, EX-Z200BK, EX-Z200RD, EX-Z200SR, EX-Z250BK, EX-Z250SR, EX-Z280SR, EX-Z29BE, EX-Z29BK, EX-Z29PE, EX-Z29PK, EX-Z29SR, EX-Z300BK, EX-Z300PK, EX-Z300SR, EX-Z33BE, EX-Z33BK, EX-Z33PK, EX-Z33SR, EX-Z33VP, EX-Z35BE, EX-Z35BK, EX-Z35PE, EX-Z35PK, EX-Z35SR, EX-Z550BE, EX-Z550BK, EX-Z550PK, EX-Z550RD, EX-Z550SR, EX-Z75BE, EX-Z75BK, EX-Z75PK, EX-Z75SR, EX-Z77BE, EX-Z77BK, EX-Z77PK, EX-Z77SR, EX-Z80BE, EX-Z80BK, EX-Z80GN, EX-Z80PK, EX-Z80SR, EX-Z80VP, EX-Z85BN, EX-Z85EO, EX-Z90BK, EX-Z90PK, EX-Z9BK, EX-Z9EO, EX-Z9PK, EX-Z9SR.

Black microfiber case with magnetic snap closure.

For Digital Cameras

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