Accessory YA-D30

Accessory YA-D30
2D-3D Conversion Software


Product Description:

Released: May 2012

3D is not just for scientists or movie fans. It can provide dramatic impact for business presentations and it may help students better engage with their lessons and that could lead to better academic performance.

All Casio Pro, Signature and Short Throw models include 3D capability. 2D-3D software can help you convert standard presentations to 3D.

  • 3D compatible PC (desktop or laptop) Requirements* for DLP 3D Ready (DLP Link)
  • PC Requirements: Microsoft: Microsoft© Windows© Vista™ (32 bit), XP (32 bit) SP2 or equivalent
  • Operating System: Windows XP or Windows 7
  • CPU: Intel® Core™2 Duo and higher required. 1GB memory or higher (2GB recommended). Recommended 1GB hard disk space
  • Graphics Card Requirements: Laptop: nVidia Quadro Graphics card or equivalent, must be Quad Buffered and Open GL 3D
    Desktop: nVidia FX580 or higher
  • Software: DirectX® 9.0c or equivalent; Windows Media Player 11 or equivalent

*Requirements subject to change.
*Please note that CASIO DLP 3D ready projectors are not compatible with Blu-ray™ players.

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