Accessory YK-5

Accessory YK-5
Adapter Cable

  • Accessory YK-5
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Product Description:

Released: January 2005

RS-232 adapter cable for serial control.

Works with the following models:
XJ-A130, XJ-A135U, XJ-A140, XJ-A145V, XJ-A150, XJ-A155V, XJ-A230, XJ-A235U, XJ-A240, XJ-A245V, XJ-A250, XJ-A255V, XJ-S32, XJ-S33, XJ-S37, XJ-S38, XJ-S42, XJ-S43, XJ-S43W, XJ-S47, XJ-S48, XJ-S63, XJ-S68.

RS-232 adapter cable for serial control.
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