Calculator FX-991EX

Calculator FX-991EX
Calculator FX-991EX

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Product Description:

Released: August 2015

A new high-performance scientific calculator with high-resolution display increasing the amount of information displayed and super-fast calculation speed for high-stakes testing or for performing the most advanced mathematics.

Its new high resolution LCD screen allows more information for applications like spreadsheets and 4X4 matrix calculations. This calculator has a comprehensive set of advanced calculations for integration and differential calculus, along with vector and inequality calculations. For the middle and high school grades, we've incorporated basic spreadsheet functionality, ratio, and statistical functionality, down to ratio calculation and prime factorization.

No matter what the need, this scientific can do it all! Need graphical representation for data generated by the fx-991EX – no problem! Generate a QR code for your problem, and then scan the code to immediately see a graphical representation of your data; within a classroom, students can see their collective data in real time with other students.

  • High-resolution LCD
  • Effective learning for Advanced Mathematics
  • Online Visualization Service Using QR Code

Number of functions: 552
Power supply: Two-way power (Solar + LR44 x 1)
Approximate battery life: 2 years (LR44) x 1
Dimensions H x W x D (mm): 11.1 x 77 x 165.5
Approximate weight (g): 90
Case style: Slide-on hard
Dot matrix display: 192 x 63 dots
Mantissa + exponent digits: 10 + 2
Internal operation digits: 15
Nested parentheses levels: 24
Natural textbook display: Yes
Key rollover function: Yes
Replay function: Yes
Multi-replay functions: Yes
Backspace: Yes
CALC function: Yes
SOLVE function: Yes
Answer function: Yes
Variables: 9
Auto power off: Yes
Digit separator: Yes
Multiline display: Yes
Special Features
Base-n calculations: Yes
(Binary/Octal/Hexadecimal): Yes
Logical operations: Yes
Engineering symbol calculations: Yes
Engineering notation (ENG/ENG): Yes
Scientific constants: 47
Metric conversions: 40
Basic Functions
Trigonometric, inverse trigonometric: Yes
(sin/cos/tan/sin-1/cos-1/tan-1): Yes
Hyperbolic, inverse hyperbolic: Yes
(sinh/cosh/tanh/sinh-1/cosh-1/tanh-1): Yes
Exponential, logarithmic: Yes
(log, ln, 10x, ex): Yes
Base specified logarithmic: Yes
Square and square root (x2/ v ): Yes
Cubic and cubic root (x3/ 3v ): Yes
Power and radical root (xy/ xv ): Yes
Fraction: Yes
Percentage calculation (%): Yes
Rounding: Yes
Sexagesimal ? decimal: Yes
Display format (FIX, SCI): Yes
Angle unit (Degree, Radian, Gradian): Yes
Angle unit conversion: Yes
(Degree, Radian, Gradian): Yes
Factorization into prime factors: Yes
Ratio calculation: Yes
Differentiation calculation: Yes
Integration calculation: Yes
Simultaneous equation: 4 unknowns
Polynomial equation: Degree 2, 3, 4
Inequality calculation: Yes
Table function: Yes
Matrix calculations: Yes
Complex number calculation: Yes
Coordinate conversion (Pol, Rec): Yes
Vector calculations: Yes
Combination, permutation (nCr, nPr): Yes
Random numbers: Yes
Random integers: Yes
List-based STAT data editor: Yes
Standard deviation: Yes
Regression analysis: Yes
Linear regression: Yes
ab exponential regression: Yes
Other regression: Log, Exp, Pwr, Inv, Quad
Advanced statistical distribution calculations: Yes
Spreadsheet: Yes
QR code: Yes