Desktop - WM-320MT

Desktop - WM-320MT
Desktop - WM-320MT


Product Description:

New water-protected and dust proof calculator. This calculator stands up to dust and grime and is suitable for use even in the most demanding environments. Since the keypad can be detached and washed with water, the calculator can be kept clean, sanitary, and pleasant to use for many years.

WM-320MT Technical Specifications
Digits Displayed 12
Dual Display No
Key Features
Independent Memory Yes
Cost/Sell/Margin Yes
Grand Total(GT) No
Regular Percent % Yes
Profit Margin % Yes
Mark Up (MU) No
Metric Conversion No
Square Roots No
Sign Change (+/-) Yes
Shift Key No
Right Shift No
3-Digit Comma Markers Yes
Tax Calculation Yes
Exchange Calculation No
Time Calculation No
Rounding Selector No
Decimal Selector 0,1,2,3,4 No
ADD Mode No
Detachable & Washable Keyboard Yes
Two-Way Power Yes