Entry Level SE-G1RD

Entry Level SE-G1RD
Cash Register Red

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Product Description:

Released: August 2013

The Casio SE-G1 series cash registers allows you to "Match the Color of Your Store Décor" with three (3) different colors from which to choose. Cabinet colors red, pink and blue are available to coordinate the color schemes in your place of business. Functionally, the machines provide a high-speed single-station thermal printer with the ability to customize the receipt header message to print on customer receipts. The large easy-to-read operator and built-in rear customer LCD display assure accuracy in prices being entered through one of the eight (8) department keys or through one of the 999 PLUs.

  • Compact design
  • Eight (8) physical department keys with 3 shifts (max. 24 departments)
  • Eight (8) clerks with sig-on codes and reporting
  • Large (25mm) 1-line operator and customer LCD displays
  • Four (4) tax tables
  • Easy drop & load thermal paper printer
  • Multi-purpose tray on the cash drawer to assist in making change easier
  • Programmable five (5) line receipt message

PLU: 999
Department Key
On Key Board:
Dept Shift: 3
Dept #: 24
Clerk: 8
Tax Table: 4
Main Display
Height (mm): 25
No. of Digits: 8
Status Symbol: 2
Customer Display
Height (mm): 25
Status Symbol: 2
Speed (Line/Sec): 3.5
Paper Width (mm): 58
Key Type:
No. of Keys: 34
Tax Program Key: Yes
Helpful Key: -
Antimicrobial: Yes
Drawer size: S
Mode Switch: Key
Calculator mode: Yes
Easy Initial Setup: Yes (Date, Time)
Multi purpose tray: Yes
Backup Battery: Excluded

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