Entry Level SE-S100-SR

Entry Level SE-S100-SR
Cash Register Silver

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Product Description:

Released: April 2015

Casio's stylish SE-S100 series machines provide retailers a selection of colored cabinets to match their business décor. Choose between the colors gold, red, and silver to blend into and accent your business operation.

Functionally, the machines provide a high-speed, single-station thermal printer that can be setup as a journal for your business records or a receipt printer to issue customers a detail of their purchase. Customer receipts can be customized with a personalized four (4) line header message to identify your business. The two (2) line alpha/numeric operator back-lit LCD display adds a measure confidence for the operator when entering sales. The built-in rear customer LCD display provides confirmation to the customer on items and pricing being entered.

Other functionality offered on the Se-S100 series machines is a SD Card slot to backup/re-load program data and sales backup. A paper-savings mode allows retailers to operate without receipt printing or to print one only upon request from a customer. There are 12 department keys provided to track the various general category sales and/or up to 2,000 PLU's to track individual item sales. Descriptors can be programmed to the departments and PLU's, so they are easily identified on receipts and reports.

  • Compact design
  • Two (2) line alpha/numeric operator back-lit LCD display
  • Built-in customer LCD display
  • One (1) station thermal printer
  • SD Card slot (program backup/load)
  • Paper-savings mode
  • Multi-language capability (English, Spanish, French)
  • Twelve (12) department keys & 2,000 PLU's

No. of Departments: 24 departments (12 department keys X 2 shift keys)
No. of PLU's: 2,000
Memory backup: Battery backup (two (2) AA batteries required)
Operator display: 2-line LCD (backlit)
Customer display: 1-line LCD
Printer: Thermal printer/Printing speed: Max 10 lines/sec
Power source: 100v to 240v
Power consumption:
  • During operation – 0.36A
  • When off – 0.03A
  • During operation – 0.24A
  • When off – 0.04A
  • During operation – 0.24A
  • When off – 0.04A
  • During operation – 0.24A
  • When off – 0.04A
Paper Width: 58mm
Environment: Operating temperature: 32 F to 104 F
Humidity: 10% to 90%
Dimensions (w/cash drawer): 6.57"(H) X 12.85" (W) X 13.58" (D)
Weight (w/cash drawer): 7.28lbs

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