Fraction & Scientific FX115ESPLUS

Fraction & Scientific FX115ESPLUS

  • Fraction & Scientific FX115ESPLUS
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Product Description:

Released: May 2012

Casio's latest and most advanced scientific calculator features new Natural Textbook Display and improved math functionality. FX-115ES PLUS has been designed to be the perfect choice for high school and college students learning General Math, Trigonometry, Statistics, Algebra I and II, Calculus, Engineering, Physics.

  • Intuitive functions
  • Improved math functionality
  • Natural Textbook
Natural Textbook Display: Yes
Digits: 10 + 2
Store/Recall: Yes/Yes
Recall & Edit values: Yes
Number of independent memories: 1
Number of constant memories: 9
Operating system: Natural V.P.A.M
Protective hard case: Yes
Clear last entry and clear all: Yes
Review & edit preview entries: Yes
Overhead Model Available: Yes
Fixed decemial capabilities: Yes
Multi-replay: Yes
Plastic Keys: Yes
Prime Number Factorization: Yes
Recurring Decimal: Yes
Remainder Calculation: Yes
Random Integers: Yes
Greatest Common Divisor: Yes
Least Common Multiple: Yes
Inequality calculation: Yes
Equation Calculation: Yes
Metric conversions: Yes
Scientific notation: Yes
Parenthesis/Constant: Yes/-
Pi: Yes
Xth root: Yes
Fraction calculations: Yes
Complex numbers: Yes
DMS <> DD / P <> R Conversions: Yes/Yes
Sin, Cos, Tan, & Inverses: Yes
Hyperbolic Functions: Yes
Converts between DEG, RAD, GRAD: Yes
One/two variable: Yes/Yes
Mean, sum, # elements: Yes
Standard Deviation: Yes
Linear Regression: Yes
Log, In, Inverse Log, Exponential: Yes
Store and edit data in memory: Yes
Quadratic, log, exp, power, inverse regression: Yes
nPr, cPr, x!: Yes
Random number generator: Yes
Complex number calculations: Yes
Integration: Yes
Differentiation: Yes
Power/Unit Dimensions
Power: Solar Plus w/Battery backup
Auto Power Off: Yes
Size (H x W x L) Inches: 3.15 x 0.44 x 6.38
Weight (ounces): 3.35 oz