Graphing FX-9860GII-PK

Graphing FX-9860GII-PK
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Product Description:

REF/RREF Function, Random Integers,Unit Conversion, New types of regressions, Chi-squared GOF function, 9 new probability functions, Pie charts & Bar Graphs, Graph X=f(Y), And much more! (not C.A.S.)

Available RAM/Flash ROM: 64KB/1.5MB
Number and Constant Memory: Yes
Electronic upgradeability: Yes
Prior Entry Recall: Yes

Interface: Icon Menu
Lines x characters: 8 x 21
Screen Size (Pixels): 64 x 128
Color Display: Not Available
Natural Display Input: Yes
Capture, Clip & Paste Capability: Yes
Language Options Available: Yes

Function (Y= Equations to Graph): 20
Parametric: Yes
Polar: Yes
Sequence: Yes
Constant (X=): Yes
Inequality (auto shading): Yes
Zoom, Trace: Yes
Dynamic/Transformation: Yes
Conics: Yes
3D: Not Available
Differential Equations/Slope Fields: Not Available

Table of Function Values: Yes
Fixed Decimal Options: Yes
Scientific Notation: 10 + 2
Fraction Operations: Yes
Interactive Equation Solver: Yes
Simultaneous Equation Solver: Up to 6
Polynomial Root Finder: Up to 3
Complex Numbers: Yes
Matrices: Up to 55 x 55
Vectors: Not Available
Computer Algebra System: Not Available
Recall and Edit Last Entry: Yes
Symbolic Manipulation: Not Available
Spreadsheet Capabilities: Yes

Computer Math:
Calculates in Dec, Hex, Oct, Binary: Yes
Logic Operations: Yes
Discrete Math: Recursive Sequences: Yes

Geometric Constructions and Transformations: Yes (add-in)

Sin, Cos, Tan and Inverses: Yes
Hyperbolic Functions: Yes
Degrees-Radians-Grads Conversions: Yes

Stats & Data Analysis:
One and Two-Variable Statistics: Yes
Median, Quartiles: Yes
Intermediate Statistics: Yes
Combinations, Permutations & Random Numbers: Yes
Regression Models: 10
Estimated Values for Regression Graph: Yes
Degrees of Polynomial Regressions: 2,3,4
Histograms, Scatter Plots: Yes
Box & Whisker Plots: Yes
Pie Chart, Bar Graph, Stacked Bar: Not Available
Number of Lists: 26
List Length: 999
Inferential Statistics & Probability Distributions: Yes
One and Two Sample Z and T tests: Yes
Chi-Squared, Anova, F Tests: Yes
Z and T Interval Tests: Yes
Distributions (p.d. and c.d.): 7

Numeric Differentiation / Integration: Yes
Symbolic Differentiation / Integration: Not Available
Maximum, Minimum: Yes
Inflection Points: Not Available

Formulas: Not Available
Interactive Equation Solver: Yes
User-Defined Functions: Not Available
eActivities: Yes

Degree-Minute-Second<>Decimal Degree: Yes
Polar<>Rectagular: Yes
Formula Solver: Yes
Periodic Table: Yes (add-in)
Programs Available for EA-200 Data Analyzer: Yes

N, %, I, PMT, PV, FV, Amortization: Yes
Amortization Schedule: Yes
Interactive TVM Solver: Yes
Interest Conversion: Yes
Annuity Due & Begin Setting: Yes
Day/Date Calculation: Yes
Recall of Financial Values: Yes
Cost/Sell/Margin: Yes
IRR, NPV, PBP, NFV, Cash Flow: Yes

Auto Power off: Yes
Batteries – included: 4-AAA
Protective Slide Case: Yes
I/O port/Unit-to-Unit cable included: Yes/ Yes

Technical Specifications subject to change.

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