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Graphing PRIZM FX-CG10

Graphing PRIZM FX-CG10

  • Graphing PRIZM FX-CG10
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Product Description:

Released: September 2010

A graphing calculator that combines form and function – style and substance. Discover how our new handheld technology can give you a new perspective on Casio in the classroom.

  • High-resolution color LCD with full textbook-style display
  • Picture Plot enables learning from real-life pictures
  • Multitude of functions that leverage the color LCD
Technical Specifications - PRIZM fx-CG10
Display Type Blanview LCD (Hyper Amorphous Silicon TFT)
Pixel 82,944 (216x384) dots
Color Reproduction 65,536 colors
Character 8 lines of 21 characters (including lines in Function Menu)
Full Textbook-Style Display Math Input/Output
Variables 28
Calculation Range +/-1x10-99 to +/-9.999999999x1099 and 0.
Internal operations use 15-digit mantissa.
Exponential Display Range Norm 1:10-2> |x|, |x| ?1010
Norm 2:10-9>|x|, |x| ?1010
Program Capacity 61,440 bytes (max.)
USB Port Complies with USB 2.0 standards
Storage Memory Capacity 16MB (max.)
Power Consumption 0.6W
Power Source AAA-size alkaline batteries LR03 (AM4)
Nickel-metal hydride batteries (recommended type only)
Approximate Battery Life Non-stop flashing cursor display in Run-Matrix mode. Each hour, display brightness 3 for first 30 seconds and then to 1 for remainder of hour.
  Four AAA-size alkaline batteries LR03 (AM4) 250 hours
Four nickel-metal hydride batteries (recommended type only) 150 hours
Repeat of one-hour cycle of (1), (2), and (3) below.
(1) Menu display for 5 minutes (display brightness 3 for first 30 seconds and then 1 thereafter)
(2) Run-Matrix mode calculation for 5 minutes (display brightness 3)
(3) Flashing cursor in Run-Matrix mode for 50 minutes(display brightness 3 for first 30 seconds and then 1 thereafter)
  Four AAA-size alkaline batteries LR03 (AM4) 140hours
Four nickel-metal hydride batteries (recommended type only) 085hours
Auto Power Off Auto power off, adjustable for either approximately 10 minutes or approximately 60 minutes.
Dimensions 0.81” x 3.52” x 7.42”
Approximate Weight .51 lb. (including alkaline batteries)
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