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School Accessories ED-TXTBK-FOSTERALG

School Accessories ED-TXTBK-FOSTERALG
Textbook: Algebra


Product Description:

Released: May 2012

Fostering Series Text Book Sampler (PDF 1.35MB) Fostering Algebraic Thinking with CASIO Technology is a research-based, university-developed book that provides classroom teachers with meaningful investigations using the PRIZM.

Fostering Algebraic Thinking with CASIO Technology is part of the Fostering Mathematical Thinking with CASIO Technology – featuring PRIZM book series. This series is a research-based, university-developed series of books that provides the classroom teacher with meaningful investigations using the PRIZM.

This book includes many meaningful investigations that use the Casio PRIZM graphing calculator to foster students' algebraic thinking. The investigations are written to both help students experience the value and power of mathematics, and to help them develop a greater understanding of many fundamental concepts in algebra – most notably, the concept of function.

These resources are supplemental and are intended to support the teacher's current mathematics curriculum. These books have also been purposefully aligned with the study of Algebra in grades 5-12, as defined by the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

Author(s): Dr. Sonja Goerdt and Dr. Bob Horton
Pages: 336
ISBN: 978-1-936931-10-1
Edition: First Edition
Published: 2011

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