School Accessories

School Accessories


Product Description:

Released: May 2012

Casio's Fostering Series gives teachers a valuable resource to make needed changes and turn mathematics into an exciting endeavor that prepares students for the future. All aspects of the series incorporate the Eight Standards For Mathematical Practice by providing teachers with context that makes sense to students, helps them see the purpose of the mathematics, and aids in the development of mathematical intuitions and insights.

Each investigation provides comprehensive tips for teachers to guide students towards a deeper understanding of the "big ideas" in mathematics, aligned to State and National standards, "Did You Knows" to help Engage students, rich context that allow students to Explore mathematics in real world situations, additional questions to help Extend the investigations, and sample comprehensive solutions with explanations, screenshots and keystrokes, included to help teachers understand multiple approaches that can help with the Explain component of inquiry.

Casio Education Workbook Lesson Sampler (PDF 1.32MB) Fostering Algebraic Thinking with CASIO Technology is a research-based, university-developed book that provides classroom teachers with meaningful investigations using the PRIZM.