School Accessories FX300MSPL-TP

School Accessories FX300MSPL-TP
Teacher Pack

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Product Description:

Released: May 2012

All basic calculators are not equipped equally. Casioâ??s SL-450L reaches beyond the basics with many unique functions and features designed to help beginning math students and their teachers.

  • 8 digits LCD Display
  • Solar Power
  • Floating negative sign appears to the left of then number displayed
  • Function signs in display
  • Hard, plastic tamperproof keys
  • Basic function: plus, percent, plus/minus, square root, memory keys
  • Constants for +/-/x/Ã?·
  • Ability to clear last and/or all entries
The Teacher Pack includes:
  • 10 calculators
  • Activity Book
  • Poster
2-Line/# of Digits: 11/10 + 2
Natural Textbook Display
Store/Recall: Yes/ Yes
Recall & Edit Values: Yes
# of Constant Memories: 6
Dual (Solar and Battery): Yes
Automatic Power Down: Yes
General Features
Function/Mode Menus: Yes
Scrolling Keys: Yes
Review & Edit Previous Entries: Yes
Clear Last Entry & Clear All: Yes
Backspace: Yes
Fixed Decimal Capabilities: Yes
Math Functions
Operating System: VPAM
Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide: Yes
Correct Order of Operations (M, D, A, S): Yes
Parenthesis: Yes
Change Sign (+/-):Yes
X^2/Square Root: Yes/Yes
X^3/Cube Root: Yes/Yes
Exponents (^key)/Powers of 10: Yes
xth Root: Yes
Pi: Yes
Percent Calculations: Yes
Fraction<>Decimal, Decimal<>Fraction: Yes
Improper Fraction<>Mixed Number: Yes
Simplification: Yes
Sin, Cos, Tan, & Inverse: Yes
Hyperbolic Functions: Yes
Converts between DEG, RAD, GRAD: Yes
One-Variable Statistics/Two-Variable Statistics: Yes
Mean, Sum, # Elements: Yes
Standard Deviation: Yes
Log, In, Inverse Log, Exponential: Yes
nPr, cPr, x!: Yes
Random Number Generator: Yes
Additional Math Functions
DMS<>DD Conversions: Yes
Polar<>Rectangular Conversions: Yes
Scientific Notation: Yes
Hardware – Other
Protective Hard Case: Yes
Overhead Projectable Model: Yes
Instruction Manual: Yes
Quick Reference Guide: Yes
Available in Teacher Packs (10 units): Yes
Available in Classroom Sets (30 units): Yes
Resource Materials: Yes

Technical specifications subject to change.