School Accessories SL450LNS1TP

School Accessories SL450LNS1TP
Teacher Pack

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Product Description:

Released: May 2012

Casio’s SL-450L reaches beyond the basics with many unique functions and features designed to help beginning math students and their teachers. Includes 10-Pack of calculators, 1 workbook, 1 poster and 1 UPC Code.

1-Line/# of Digits: 8

Store/Recall: Yes / Yes
# of Constant Memories: 1

Solar: Yes
Automatic Power Down: Yes

General Features
Clear Last Entry & Clear All: Yes

Math Functions
Operating System: Standard
Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide: Yes
Constant Feature: Yes
Change Sign (+/-): Yes
X^2/Square Root: /Yes
Percent Calculations: Yes

Hardware – Other
Protective Hard Case: Yes
Color Coded Keys Grouped by Function: Yes

Overhead Projectable Model: Yes
Instruction Manual: Yes
Available in Teacher Packs (10 units): Yes
Available in Classroom Sets (30 units): Yes
Resource Materials: Yes

Technical Specifications Subject to Change.